For Every Industry's Needs

How do we get into the business?

  • We are here to assist you in managing your assets efficiently and effectively with VERSCAN application. VERSCAN enables you to verify, track, and even assess the quality of your assets, all within a single application.


What problem are we fixing?

  • Many organizations continue to face asset management challenges, such as spending a significant amount of time verifying assets, the high risk of error in manual verifying, and the difficulty of tracking assets, which is difficult and the information is out of date.

  • As a result, many businesses must still dedicate staff and time to verify assets in order to receive up-to-date and accurate asset information. However, these problems are eliminated with VERSCAN.

  • Verscan is a solution specifically designed to address asset management issues within organizations.


What do we have in VERSCAN?

  • An easy-to-use QR code scanning system manages all your assets, accessible through a single mobile phone. Furthermore, our QR codes are designed to be durable, user-friendly, and ready to use.

  • Verscan applies Cloud services to store your organization's asset data. The system updates the information to meet your needs.

  • All asset verifying and tracking inside your organization are controlled thoroughly with exact and error-free processing. This assures that asset management using Verscan is error-free, reducing verified redundancy and asset neglect.

What do you get?

  • Verscan understands the value of efficiency and time in managing an organization. Verscan is made to manage assets inside your company more conveniently and effectively while also saving time. Your assets will be used to their fullest potential according to the professional system.

  • Put an end to your concerns about monitoring and the traditional way to verify the asset. You may be confident that we can advance your company further and faster with our Verscan technology.