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A New Way To Verify The Fixed Assets

Asset Verification

Save Your Valuable Time with Quick QR Code Scanning

Instant Insights Dashboard

Real-time Display of Asset Information and Audit Results

Seamless Cycle Control for the Audit Rounds

Effortlessly Initiate and Conclude Audit Rounds

preview-1.pngSimplify your asset management processes and witness a transformation in productivity, accuracy, and overall operational excellence.

Asset Discovery

Simply Tap to Locate Your Possessions

Advance user permission setting

Grant access only to responsible parties or individuals linked to the data

Secure System

Ensure the safeguarding of your organization's data


Powerful tools

More advanced yet uncomplicated options for you to choose from

The Features You Need
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Feature in VERSCAN

Asset Verification

Quick and easy assets verification with QR codes

Designed to expedite asset audits and conserve resources by allowing you to capture images of assets on the inventory date.

Provide insights into the operational status of assets (whether in use or not).

View real-time audit results and easily export the data in a user-friendly audit report format.


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Reporting and analytics

Bring real-time insights to every decision

Maximize business impact by setting and tracking goals live with agile reporting. Combine data from multiple projects into streamlined dashboards and make faster, data-driven decisions.

High-level dashboards

Work performance insights

Pivot analysis and reports


Managing and integrating

Unlocking Your Assets at Your Fingertips

Carry all your assets in your pocket. Access and manage all your assets freely, activity recorded in the history log.

Real-time status

Lost and Found

Asset Activity





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Versatile for Every Industry's Needs

VERSCAN is your ally in making asset management for your organization both convenient and efficient. With the VERSCAN app, you can easily perform verification, track, and even comprehensively assess the quality of your assets. All are managed within a single application.

Success Stories

Remarkable accomplishments with VERSCAN.

Chose VERSCAN because the company needed an efficient system for asset verification. When compared to others, VERSCAN stood out for requiring fewer devices and offering a variety of features. Features like easy-to-use verification, location tracking, and diverse reporting.


Reignwood Holding Co., Ltd.

The only help you need

Verscan empowers just anyone within your organization to perform asset verification



Your all-in-one asset management system, designed to enhance and simplify your workflow


Here are a few questions answered that could be of assistance:

What are the recommended device specifications for VERSCAN?

VERSCAN is compatible with devices with camera resolutions of up 8MP and works with both Android and iOS operating systems.

Android: Version 5 or later

iOS: Version 13.0/ iPadOS 13.0 or later

Does VERSCAN allow for integration with other platforms?

This is possible with our Customized Services, which let you connect to other ERP systems or store data on your server.


What information is available in the Asset Verification Results function?

You can view the number of assets that have been verified. In addition to the number, there is also a status that indicates whether the item is in normal condition, damaged, or lost, allowing the authorized user to view reports accurately and quickly.

What level of customer support is provided with VERSCAN?

VERSCAN provides customer support to its users. The level of customer support provided includes assistance with technical issues, product questions, and account management. The support team is available during business hours and aims to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible.

Does VERSCAN have a depreciation calculation function?

VERSCAN has an automatic depreciation calculation function. The depreciation calculation function in VERSCAN operates by automatically computing the depreciation value of assets based on cost, estimated useful life, and depreciation method.