VERSCAN 2024: Feature update

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VERSCAN latest version 2024 feature update!
The current version of VERSCAN comes equipped with new features and numerous system improvements, designed to meet the comprehensive asset management needs of organizations. Our VERSCAN team has worked diligently to develop our solution by actively listening to feedback from real users. We focus on usability, convenience, and security at every step of the process.
For VERSCAN 2024, we focus on “usability, convenience, and security” at every step of the process.
Here's a glimpse of what's new in the latest 2024 version of VERSCAN:

1.Data Security

  • User Role Setup: We've enhanced the ability for administrators to define access permissions for each user, ensuring employees can only access data pertinent to their specific department or branch.
  • Approval Center: This new feature allows documents to be approved by authorized decision-makers, streamlining and expediting the approval process.
  • Add Permission: System administrators can now add permissions for various roles and adjust or define access rights to different parts of the data independently.

    2.User interface

  • Arrange Column Freely: Users can manage the columns displayed for assets based on the information they need and reorder columns to prioritize the data they find most relevant.
  • Add Different Views of the Asset List: Assets can now be viewed in both List view and Grid view.
  • Upgraded Interface: The new UI is more user-friendly and visually appealing, with a redesigned layout for better organization.

    3.VERSCAN system

  • Enhanced Data Management: We've improved the system's data import and export capabilities, allowing for more detailed and varied data handling. Users can now import multiple asset details simultaneously from an Excel file.
  • Inventory Scheduling: Users can set detailed schedules for asset inventory checks, specifying the exact departments or branches involved.

    4.New Features

  • Audit Feature: This function aids auditors in efficiently verifying assets, maintaining high standards of audit accuracy through automatic calculations using the Monetary Unit Sampling (MUS) system.
  • Upgraded Depreciation Feature: We've enhanced the depreciation calculation feature for faster and more efficient reporting.
  • Borrow-Return Feature: A new function for managing the borrowing and returning of assets.
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    Furthermore, we have a multitude of upcoming features and services set to be available to all customers in 2024. Stay connected with us to receive the latest information and exclusive benefits offered by VERSCAN!
    With VERSCAN , we're dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and user-friendly asset management experience possible.
    Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming processes. Embrace the efficiency and precision of VERSCAN.
    Unlock a new way to verify your fixed assets
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