VERSCAN: Our highlight features

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Our VERSCAN development team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive asset management solution that truly elevates organizational performance. Our achievement goal is to make VERSCAN easy to use, convenient, and responsive to the needs of all employees involved in asset management within the organization.
With a focus on simplicity without compromising functionality, VERSCAN emerges as a robust asset management solution capable of handling assets from initial stages to final processes. Moreover, the asset data provided by VERSCAN serves as a valuable resource for making various business decisions.

Let's dive into the carefully curated features of VERSCAN together!

1.Asset Verification

Quick and easy assets verification with QR codes
  • Designed to expedite asset audits and conserve resources by allowing you to capture images of assets on the inventory date.
  • Provide insights into the operational status of assets (whether in use or not).
  • View real-time audit results and easily export the data in a user-friendly audit report format.

    2.Audit Feature

    Feature that helps facilitate any audit rounds
  • Conducting randomly unbiased audits of long-term assets.
  • Adhere to the standards of auditing sampling in accounting (TSA 500 Audit Evidence, TSA 530 Audit Sampling).
  • Appropriately address and assess responsive risks at the financial statement level and at the level related to what management has certified in the financial statements (assertion level).


    Automated depreciation calculation process
  • Facilitates accurate, precise, and reliable depreciation calculations in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • The calculated depreciation expense can be assessed as an expenditure incurred for the current fiscal year.
  • Provide aid in investment planning for acquiring long-term assets to prepare for business expansion in the future.
    Let VERSCAN be your ultimate choice
    for asset management


    Record asset maintenance and repair receipts
  • Notify asset damages directly to technicians through VERSCAN for streamlined repair processes.
  • Easily track asset status at each stage.
  • Technicians can input repair expenses, including any additional costs incurred.
  • Set and display the technician role.


    Record asset borrowing and return in the system
  • Control assets between departments or branches to prevent asset loss from inter-departmental or inter-branch borrowing.
  • Enable tracking of the lender and borrower, when the asset is transferred, when it reaches the borrower, and even when the asset is returned to the lender.


    Transfer assets freely and safely
  • Transfer or relocate departments or branches to ensure accurate alignment with asset storage locations.
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    And here are the standout features of VERSCAN, the new way to verify fixed asset offering you more than just inventory management. It's designed to not only streamline your operations but also foster continuous and sustainable business growth by ensuring that your assets are optimally utilized, maximizing the return on every investment.
    Unlock a new way to verify your fixed assets
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