VERSCAN: An improvement from users... for users

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VERSCAN 2024 version represents a sophisticated system developed to significantly elevate its capabilities in asset management, offering comprehensive and user-friendly features boosting the efficiency of asset management system in your organization. Our team has continuously improved the features and appearance of the system based on feedback from actual users. Each addition and refinement stands as a guarantee that we attentively ‘craft’ with our ‘care’.

So, what specifically has been developed in 2024 to cater to every user's needs?

Each addition and refinement stands as a guarantee that we attentively ‘craft’ with our ‘care’.

1.New Access Control for Administrations (Admins)

Administrators (admins) now have the ability to precisely specify user access to asset information within their departments or branches. This not only introduces heightened convenience but also expedites the information retrieval process, as users no longer need to navigate through the entirety of asset informations.

2.Elevated asset view display formats

Users be able to enjoy flexibility of asset view by selecting display formats for asset listings, including the traditional ‘list view’ and the visually-oriented ‘grid view’.

3.Custom column management

Our 2024 version VERSCAN empowers users to peruse asset listings with increased convenience, as you now can selectively display only the asset’s data to your needs.

4.Approve center for approvers

Recognizing the time-intensive nature of approving changes in asset-related matters. our developers introduce the 'Approve Center.' This dashboard provides approvers with a detailed overview of each request type, streamlining the approval process and ensuring prompt and comprehensive responses
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This is one of the developments aimed at providing freedom and convenience to users. Let’s VERSCAN be your powerful tool to revolutionize asset management within your organization and complete everything in one app!
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